Making the Difference

Raising Diversity Awareness  GRI 405–1

Kuehne+Nagel believes that creating an environment that respects and aims for diversity and inclusion is and has to be the base for workplace sustainability. The diverse aspects of sustainability require involvement of different interest groups where creativity, ability to change perspectives and empathy are needed to achieve the desired multi-faceted solutions. For 2019, the focus of Kuehne+Nagel has been on gender diversity, initiated by the following actions:

  • Active participation of all Regions in celebrating International Women’s Day.
  • Launch of mentoring programmes for women leaders such as:
  • The Breaking the Glass Ceiling initiative in the Asia Pacific Region which provided female managers with the knowledge, experience and guidance of top management, while inviting the management into the challenges that female managers face in their careers through education and mentorship.
  • The Women’s Leadership Series in North America began its fourth cohort of more than twenty future female leaders who will usher Kuehne+Nagel into the future. The first women-focused employee resource group (ERG) called Women in Logistics Leadership (WILL) began
  • in Kuehne+Nagel’s Jersey City office, with the intention to scale – beginning with the Atlanta and Miami branches.
  • Kuehne+Nagel Germany introduced the KN+ mentoring programme to foster gender diversity in leadership. A group of 24 engaged women from all business and functional units began their journey in the six-month programme at the end of September 2019, with the goal to leave prepared for leadership positions in the near future.
Gender Ratio in per cent    GRI 102-8
Age structure for employees in per cent

The overall Female – Male Ratio changed by 1% compared to last year and is for 2019 now at 35% – 65%. Kuehne+Nagel has consciously decided not to introduce any target gender ratio as the management strongly believes that diversity and inclusion happens on many levels and should not be reduced to gender only. Kuehne+Nagel aims for a diverse workforce in a future where everyone feels they belong, and where opportunity is equitable.

The intensified efforts to achieve a more gender balanced split in Leadership positions is starting to pay off although the starting point in the logistic industry was admittedly difficult. By now already 20% of the senior management position globally are held by female colleagues and a good pipeline of additional female candidates has been build up.

Employee relations and human rights  GRI 412–2; GRI 402

The Kuehne+Nagel Code of Conduct covers topics related to the rights of the employees, company property, company books, records and business continuity, all consistent with the Group’s values and policies. It demonstrates its commitment to human rights and fair working conditions and presents Kuehne+Nagel as a company of integrity whose members apply clear values and principles in their business activities.

The Code of Conduct includes Kuehne+Nagel’s position and policies for child labour, forced labour, human trafficking, freedom of association, slavery and torture. Kuehne+Nagel opposes violations or limitations of human rights and dignity of any kind.

Regional and national management continuously engage in constructive dialogues with their respective workers council counterparts to achieve mutually beneficial agreements that protect jobs and job designs but also maintain Kuehne+Nagel‘s competitiveness. Over 60% of all Kuehne+Nagel employees are covered by collective bargaining agreements. GRI 102-41