Making the Difference

Employee Development

Global, Regional, National Talent Programmes

Developing talent and empowering employees contribute towards employee attraction and retention, ensuring Kuehne+Nagel’s longevity.

Kuehne+Nagel continuously develops new formats and methods to enrich the development programmes. The emphasis on the trainings for all levels of manager is put on the increased pressure towards permanent adaptation of the business model and organization as well as the utilization of digitalization to improve productivity and customer service. These needs have been embedded in a new global series of leadership programs adapted to the different levels, from team manager (program “Launch” ) to top manager (program “Rise and Transform“). These programs include self-directed preparation and learning, workshops with peer consulting groups, learning from external best practice and ongoing exchange with their superior line managers. The Kuehne+Nagel’s Global Talent Program aims to prepare high potential employees to progress into a senior management role. At Kuehne+Nagel similar programmes are also held on regional levels to focus more on the specific region instead of global roles.

The South East Asia Talent (SEAT) Program is a two-year international talent program initiated / supported by various Kuehne + Nagel Offices across South East Asia. Founded upon the organisation’s commitment towards continuous talent development, it aims to unleash employees’ maximum potential through a series of learning + development programs specially designed to enhance self-management and leadership skills, financial and business acumen, project management skills, and customer excellence orientation. GRI 404-2

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The performance management process for all Kuehne+Nagel employees who work in offices is managed through our global human capital management software (HCMS). The process entails an annual target setting meeting between employee and their line manager and minimum one performance review conversation. Managers are encouraged to conduct additional feedback and review sessions throughout the year. Beyond the performance management process, HCMS supports line managers and employees also in defining and agreeing on development actions and career planning. For our colleagues working in warehouses, local management engages through a standardised target setting and performance review conversation.


The company’s recruitment procedures are permanently optimised to ensure best-candidate experience and an unbiased treatment of all applications. Job advertisements avoid stereotyping or using wording that may discourage groups with a particular characteristic from applying. Kuehne+Nagel received 353,832 applications globally in 2019, increased by almost 50% compared to 234,788 in the prior year. In total, there were 17,229 new hires, compared to 21,583 hires in 2018. GRI 401



Recruiting and Attrition Structure  GRI 401-1