Making the Difference

Continuous Learning and Knowledge  GRI 404–2

Kuehne+Nagel encourages continuous learning and knowledge sharing, and the company encourages flexibility and mobility.

In the company-wide effort to enable the employees’ continuous growth and development, the online learning catalogue was further expanded. The MyLearning system, launched in 2019, enables employees to engage with learning materials that are directly or indirectly relevant for their job performances in a self-directed, self-driven, and self-paced fashion.

For Kuehne+Nagel’s employees, learning and ongoing development has become more important than ever – given the rapid changes we see in the society. Within one year, more than 2,807 courses and webinars were uploaded and made available. GRI 404–1

Most attended training sessions GRI 404-1

online trainings

live trainings increased in 2019 from 72,000 (2018)

Training  GRI 404-1

In 2019, 297,297 training sessions were completed, from which over 105,413 were live training programmes and nearly 191,884 conducted online. Live training increased from the year before by 46% (2018: 72,000). This reflects the company’s aim to ensure the continuous upskilling of our colleagues.


Training participation in per cent  GRI 404-3