Integrity in Business


Management Approach

Our customers' needs are quite clear. They want a service provider that they can feel connected to, who is consistent and who acts with integrity.

Since the announcement of the Net Zero Carbon programme in September 2019, Kuehne+Nagel has received a lot of positive feedback from its customers who want to join the company on its path to climate neutrality. Kuehne+Nagel is proud to offer this sustainable solution in collaboration with its suppliers and customers to deliver progress to society.

In times of climate change and decreasing resources, everything must be done to ensure that products are transported as sustainably as possible.


Focus on sea service and customers satisfaction  GRI 102-2  

With KN Pledge, Kuehne+Nagel’s customers take an active role in offsetting environmental impacts of their full container transportation, as the company offsets their carbon footprint on their behalf via contributions to the development of four nature-based projects in Indonesia, Kenya and Peru – from deforestation to protection of biodiversity and sustainable development of local communities.

KN Pledge is a full container service solution including Guaranteed Lead Time for all delivery combinations, 100% Money Back Guarantee, Extended Cargo Liability, Instant Pricing and Carbon Neutrality.

From January 1, 2020 onwards, all seagoing vessels will have to reduce sulphur oxides by 85%. In response to the prospect of IMO 2020, the company constantly supported our customers with answers to their most frequently asked questions about the implementation of the new regulation. In 2019, the company gave its assessment of the consequences of the regulation, provided several external and social communication materials, a FAQ for the webpage as well as an external webinar for customers. (SDG 17)

In 2019, Kuehne+Nagel introduced a new customer solution called Sea Explorer, the company’s digital platform for sea liner services, which gives customers the confidence that each vessel carrying their goods will comply with the IMO 2020 regulation and, most importantly, how they will do so. (SDG 12)

Carriers have three options to reduce sulphur oxide emissions by 85% as of January 2020: using cleaner and more expensive Very Low Sulphur Fuel (VLSF), switching to Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) vessels or installing so-called scrubbers. By the use of icons for the means of IMO 2020 compliance in combination with the information of CO2 emissions, Sea Explorer facilitates full transparency of the sustainability of the services. (SDG 13, 17)

Please


CO2 emissions on invoices, CO2 reporting for customers

Already in 2019, Kuehne+Nagel prepared certified CO2 reports for more than 900 customers.

  • Global Transport Carbon Calculator
  • Pre- and On-Carriage data from EcoTransIT
  • Main carriage data Sea Logistics from Clean Cargo Working Group
  • Main carriage data Air Logistics and Road Logistics from EcoTransIT
  • Sea Explorer CO2 Emission Ratings

The Global Transport Carbon Calculator (GTCC): Kuehne+Nagel’s own tool, designed to calculate CO2 (based on accepted / verified / standardised data basis – best currently available and approved data – and calculation methods) triggered by forwarding activities. Following activities are within the scope of the calculator:

  • Sea Transportation
  • Air Transportation
  • Road Transportation

The tools capabilities can be summarised:

  • Customer data readily available in KN Login
  • Calculation and reporting integrated into the already existing dashboard structure
  • Scalable reports per trade lane / region / country /mode of transport and carrier

What is Zero 20’?

The Zero 20’ initiative aims at reducing the use of 20- foot containers in international supply chain. By only using 40-foot containers (or light loaded 40-foot containers) or consolidating 20-foot containers into larger equipment types in the origin consolidation point / hub, customers significantly reduce their end to end supply chain costs and the environmental impact of the shipment.

Kuehne+Nagel has successfully introduced this initiative for customers with destinations in North America, Europe, Middle East, South America, Australia and New Zealand.

Focus on air service and valuable customer feedback  GRI 102-2

Over the course of 2019, KN PharmaChain has focused on promoting re-usable packaging to its global customer base in order to meet joint sustainability goals. Instead of using one-time packaging solutions and thus creating an increase in landfill, sustainable solutions can be re-used and often, with respect to temperature management, have superior performance. (SDG 12.7, 13)

Packaging changes are not easily done by companies and it has taken significant time to make the sustainability turn for Kuehne+Nagel and its customers. The complexities of return logistics need to be addressed prior to the start of shipments and it has to be ensured that the right solutions are available when needed.

Similar to re-usable packaging, KN PharmaChain has focused in 2019 on multiple-use temperature sensors. Kuehne+Nagel has carried out extensive testing of re-usable sensors that will provide not only an increase in service quality due to parameters measured, but will also allow for a more sustainable use of these particular devices. This is an ongoing project, which KN PharmaChain will also follow in 2020. (SDG 17.7)



Focus on Road Logistics service, features and benefits for customers  GRI 102-2

eTrucknow is a suite of road logistics solutions built on our experience to meet business needs. With eTrucknow Road Logistics Private Cloud Solution, companies can effectively manage their large fleet of truck vendors and improve on their supply chain efficiency. Companies can also choose to take an integrated approach through our combined solution of eTrucknow’s Qualified Fleet of Truckers and road logistics private cloud technology.

A standalone Quick Quote & Book Platform, with enhanced job matching capabilities, companies can get an instant and competitive quote based on their shipment needs. Additionally, eTrucknow Quick Quote & Book platform matches carriers’ empty hauls with jobs to unlock potential revenue via the digital marketplace. (SDG 12)

Launched in 2019 with around 9,000 shipments, it is our intention to strongly upscale this promising service for the Asia Pacific market in 2020 with 250,000 shipments with possible extension to other regions.


One stop solution for E2E visibility by connecting



Grow margins

Utilise the reporting insights to optimise your fleet operations. Improve supplier coordination and have a positive impact on your bottom line profitability.



Boost productivity

No more paperwork and manual work. You can manage all your shipment documents all in one place, at any time.


Make insight-led decisions

With full visibility on your shipments, you always know what is coming next and be able to make faster decisions.


Stay in control

With event time stamps and alert notifications, your planning team gets informed with no surprises.


Scale your business

Empower your team to automate their work, so that they can focus on your company's core business.


One central platform

With our intelligent and innovative dashboard, you have a bird's eye view of all your shipments.


Customer experience gathering 2019

We gather our customer experience data based on a culture and discipline of response, review and continuous improvement.

Throughout 2019, Kuehne+Nagel has conducted a set of aligned customer feedback initiatives across all regions and countries. The purpose of gathering this feedback was to identify where

  • customers think about the performance
  • customers have concerns
  • identify important focus areas

Some statistics across our initiatives:

  • More than 100,000 customers have been asked
  • More than 80 countries have been considered
  • And initiatives were available in more than 30 languages

Following the analysis or customers’ feedback, we reached out to numerous contacts to understand their feedback better and to solve requests that came over the feedback channel. By the end of 2019, Kuehne+Nagel has drafted action plans in order to improve the experience both customers and employees have with Kuehne+Nagel.

At the forefront are actions towards what we want to achieve: Kuehne+Nagel wants to become the best place to work for and become the best company to do business with. GRI 417

Our Focus 2020  GRI 102-43, GRI 102-44

2020 will see additional calls to Kuehne+Nagel’s customers to learn about their service experience. In addition, the company continues gathering written customer feedback through multiple channels. By doing so, Kuehne+Nagel’s aim is to reflect and establish how we can build on what we do best and what things we ought to improve.