Community Engagement

In 2019, 35,274 employees participated in volunteering environmental and community engagements.


Since 2016 we are tracking all community engagements of our organisation. With great pride we register an increasing commitment in activities and participation that can be summarised as follows: 2019: 377 initiatives, 2018: 220.


Initiatives worldwide in per cent
Participants worldwide in per cent

Community Engagement
  • Reforestation – Tree planting
  • Community donation campaign
  • Environmental day
  • Healthy breakfast throughout all branches
  • Donation campaign – clothes
  • Fresh fruits in all our offices every week
  • Community cleanup
Education & Awareness
  • Promote recycle- reduce -reuse
  • Earth Day awareness campaign
  • Garbage Classification training
  • Educate local school children on road safety
Energy Consumption
  • Replacing lighting for LED
  • Paperless e-invoices and documents
  • Occupancy sensors for lighting
  • Temperature settings on thermostat and TRV controls
  • Replaced fuel cars with electric cars to reduce fuel cost
Travel and Commuting
  • Car share online platform
  • Bus Week on site workshop with assistance from local bus operator
  • The cycle to work
  • Use videoconference technology
Waste and Recycling
  • Office recycling campaign
  • Beach clean up event
  • Eliminate bins and implement recycling centers
  • Replace disposable plastic cups with reusable plastic bottles
  • No more printed booking form which received from shippers
  • Clean parks
  • Collect used batteries then send to authorised party for recycling
  • Issue the e-Warehouse Cargo Receipt to factories